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Vistnestunet is a beautiful farm from the latter part of the 19th century. Vistnestunet consists of a farmhouse, cooking house, barn and windmill, and is beautifully located on the outer reaches of Vistnes (it is signposted from Randaberg centre). The Jæren farmhouse is built in 1875 using a log cabin construction, traditional in the area, an important contribution to Norwegian building customs and architectural history. The home has furniture and objects from various periods, donated by residents of the district. The cooking house was constructed from granite early in the 20th century, and slaughtering, baking and laundry took place here - there was even running water. The barn was built in 1874.

Vistnestunet is owned by Randaberg municipality and operated in collaboration with the Jærmuseet museum. Pets and farm animals are kept to illustrate how the farm was run at the end of the 19th century.

Vistnestunet and the surrounding area are today used for school teaching and open public events. Every summer there is a holiday club for children, and when Christmas is approaching they organise "Christmas at Vistnestunet" with many fun activities.

There are several hiking trails in the area. If you go down to the sea and to the left, you can go to Vistebukta / Vistestranden, preferably with a detour to Vistehola. Here are the remains of the old "city road" where they went by horse and carriage in earlier days. In the forest near Vistnestunet, you can find a picnic area with beautiful views, easily reachable even for prams and wheelchairs. Down towards the sea, there are bunkers from World War II. If you continue either along the sea or through the small forest, you will pass idyllic cottages and finally reach "the other lighthouse" in Randaberg, Vistnestangen lighthouse.

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  • Vistnesveien 148
  • 4070 RANDABERG
47 77 60 20


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Where is Vistnestunet?