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Auglend is a discontinued farm at the south end of Eigerøy and a great hiking area for the whole family. The land from the farm Auglend was bought by the state in 1991. The purpose was to secure the area for outdoor recreational purposes. The farm was a typical combination farm where the livelihood was based on both farming and coastal fishing. The outdoor recreational area is about 500 da and consists of infield, outfield and a natural harbor called Vandringshavn.

Past operations, combined with distinctive natural qualities, make Auglend a very content-rich and exciting outdoor living area. Here you can go for short walks in the heather moors, climb viewpoints with a wide view of Jæren and Dalane, fish from rugged cliffs, catch crabs and shrimp, experience ancient monuments, arrive by boat or simply sit and enjoy life in Vandringshavn.

Among more than 100 proposed outdoor recreational areas in Norway, Auglend was named the outdoor recreation area of ​​the year in 1995. This is a recognition that we try to live up to!


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  • Auglendsveien 3
  • 4370 Egersund
+47 51 46 80 00


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Level of difficulty:
  • Easy (green)

Where is Auglend-Vandringshavn?