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Brekko lodge and recreation area can be visited all your round. In the winter you can og cross-country skiing and in the summer you can go hiking. The winter here can depending on amount of snow offer both hikes or ski trips. The area is well suited for hiking and skiing for all age groups. Friluftstunet Brekko consists of a heated shelter and a chapel. 

Activites in winter

The sledging slope is next to the Friluftstunet. Different levels of difficulty and plenty of room for many people - Bum sliders are for loan. They hang on a birch branch at the bottom of the hill. Campfire pans are set out at the bottom of the sledge hill and by the heated shelter.

When there is enough snow on the hiking trails, ski trails are prepared by Jæren friluftsråd. The ski trails follow the light trail. The skiing conditions are found on the website under skiføre and on Facebook. The light trail covers 6 km of hiking trails. It can be lit from 07.00 and kl. 15.00, it switches off automatically at 22.00. You can light it yourself - there is a light switch on the first post in the upper parking lot.

It is very rare that there is safe ice on the lake in Brekko. The ice is not measured, so take responsibility for yourself and those who follow in your footsteps.

Rental of skis, ski boots and poles.

It is reasonable to rent ski equipment, this must be ordered through Book two days in advance. Pick up the equipment in a storage room by the upper parking lot.

Shelters and barbecue

The shelter is open on Sundays in January and February and the rest of the year, the first Sunday of the month (with the exception of July and August). In the shelter you can eat your own packed lunch or buy what the hosts offer of home-baked, ice cream, coffee and soft drinks. No obligation to eating or purchasing food. Outdoor toilets can be found at the lower parking lot, at the sledge area and at Store Foretjørn lake. 

The barbecues are free of use, except when the facility is rented out to larger groups. Only charcoal should be used, bring your own. The outdoor shelter by Store Foretjørn lake is large and offers space for many around the fire pit. There is seating and adapted hearth at the gapahuken as well. The outdoor shelter at Litle Foretjørn lake are smaller shelters with room for accommodation for about 6 people each. The accommodation is free, but must be booked through Jæren Friluftsråd.

Activities in summer

In the central parts you will find gravel paths and roughly planned hiking trails that lead up to about 400 m altitude. Here you can continue in the marked trail system for several different hikes. A map of the area as well as its own tour orientation program with permanent posts are available for sale in the lodge. There are good possibilities for mushrooms and berry picking.

There is free fishing from land in Store and Litle Foretjørn lakes, it is also possible to swim there. Keep your dog on a leash, both with regards to children and others on walks, but also with regards to wildlife. There are both elk and deer at Brekko.

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Where is Brekko lodge and recreation area?