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Apart from a few farms, there were only two buildings in Ålgård until the 1860s - two mill houses located by the river a little below Lake Edlandsvatnet. Subsequently, part of the main western road to Ålgård was built, and the village developed around the wool spinning mill established here in 1870 by Ole Nielsen.

Lars Oftedal, a Norwegian priest, social reformer, politician, and newspaper editor, experienced the area before the road and the industry came to Ålgård and wrote in the local newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad:

"The access was highly difficult before the 1860s, especially from Bråstein in Høyland. It was like a mountain journey. Slopy, hilly roads as steep as rooftops and so narrow that in some places it was nothing short of a miracle to pass a meeting car on the road, with dizzying cliffs down towards the river, potentially certain death should you be so unfortunate to fall downhill ... "

Kongeparken and Norwegian Outlet

Today, it is easy to get to Ålgård via the main road E39, which is now best known for the famous family park Kongeparken and the Norwegian Outlet. In the centre, there is a small "water park" with a paddling pool and beach, as well as activities for children and youngsters.

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