Located at Ålgård, not far from Stavanger, is the largest brand village in the western part of Norway. 200 brands in 24 stores, all gathered under one roof. The best part is that everything is on sale! Always! With 30-70% discount on all products, you are guaranteed to make a bargain.  The Outlet has several shops within several categories; such as Nike, Adidas, Bergans, Norrøna, Helly Hansen, Peak Performance, Swix, Kari Traa, Devold, Stormberg, Swims and Allsport in sports. Høyer, Gant, Follestad, Companys, Lee, Tweens and 7SLIM in fashion. In home equipment, there is a Le Creuset shop and a Home & Cook, as well as a selection of interior and fashion at Lexington. Ecco opened its own store in November 2020 and offers shoes, bags and accessories.  And when you get tired, you can sit down for a bite to eat at Eat & More, in the middle of the centre of the brand village. Relax in the pergola with a nice cup of coffee, sandwiches or a hot meal. 

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  • Ole Nielsensvei 13
  • 4330 Ålgård
+47 480 44 361

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