The sound of Edge of Norway

Thrillingly high mountain peaks, blue fjords and gastronomic delights await in the Stavanger region. Feel the sea splashes on your face and enjoy nature!

Welcome to Edge of Norway

Can you hear the sound of Stavanger, Egersund, Kvitsøy, Bryne, or Sandnes? Can you hear the sound of lapping waves, thundering waterfalls, breathtaking fjords, and good-natured people? Can you hear the sound of people excitedly saying "Mmm," "Aha!" and "WOW"? That's the sound of Edge of Norway. That's the sound of excitement.

“Challenge your limits in spectacular nature or savour magical moments with someone you cherish. Explore and discover something entirely new - here, there's room and freedom for almost anything.”

Lysefjorden. Kjerag. Preikestolen or Flørli? The choice is yours, and that's precisely what's wonderful about a vacation on the edge. You decide!

This is some of what you can explore!