Travelling from the south, The Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke starts at the mouth of the Lysefjord in Ryfylke. This is where you first get to encounter Fjord Norway.

This 42 kilometre long fjord, with its fascinating mountains, was formed during the ice age by massive glaciers which covered the earth. The Lysefjord is imposing and unquestionably the most distinctive fjord in Rogaland country. The mountains tower above the fjord for long sections and at their highest reach 3000 feet above sea level. A special feature of the Lysefjord is that it is very straight.

Iconic hikes

The physically fit can walk to such viewpoints as Preikestolen, Kjerag and Flørli, all affording splendid views of the fjord. It can also be admired from the top of the Lysevegen road above Lysebotn or from the new bridge at the mouth of the fjord.

Fjord cruises

A boat trip on the fjord is a memorable experience where you will be able to see mighty mountains, waterfalls, colonies of seals, herds of goats and secluded farms.

There are sightseeing boats from Stavanger and Forsand. Ferries are departing from Lauvvik, Forsand, Songesand and Lysebotn.

Combine the ferry with a return drive through marvelous mountain scenery from Lysebotn to Sirdal or Songesand to Årdal (roads closed in winter).

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