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The mesmerising mountains surrounding Lysefjord were sculpted by the massive ice sheets that covered Norway during the Ice Age. Along extensive stretches of the fjord, the mountains soar over 1000 metres above sea level. The intricate geological features, landscapes, and loose sediments make Lysefjord a distinctive and unparalleled natural phenomenon.

Lysefjord holds the certification for Sustainable Destination, a quality mark for destinations that systematically work to reduce the negative impact of tourism on local communities.

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Facts about the Lysefjord

  • Length: 42 km long
  • Minimum depth: 19 metres deep
  • Maximum depth: 456 metres deep
  • Nearby cities: Jørpeland, Sandnes, and Stavanger
  • Villages along the Lysefjord: Lysebotn, Flørli, Songesand, Forsand, Oanes
  • Most famous hikes: Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Kjerag, Flørli stairs, and "Lysefjorden rundt" (hike around Lysefjord)

Fjord cruises from Stavanger

You can experience Lysefjord all year round with fjord cruises departing from Stavanger by Rødne Fjord Cruise. Gliding through the majestic fjord, surrounded by towering cliffs, and passing landmarks like Hengjanefossen fall, Fantahåla, and the renowned Preikestolen standing 604 metres above, creates enduring memories. During the summer, you can join a day trip from Stavanger to the remote village of Flørli, where you can ascend the world's longest wooden staircase with 4,444 steps.

Ferries on Lysefjord

Kolumbus operates regular ferry services between Lauvvik and Lysebotn throughout the year.

The express boat MS Rygerfjord has room for 92 passengers and 10 bicycles. The boat arrives at Lauvvik, Forsand, Bratteli, Bakken, Songesand, Kallali, Flørli, Håheller and Lysebotn. Tickets must be pre-booked at

The car ferry MS Sveio can accommodate 146 passengers and 26 cars with a length of 108 metres. The ferry arrives at Lauvvik, Forsand, Songesand, Flørli and Lysebotn. Tickets must be pre-booked at

If you approach Ryfylke and Lysefjord from the south, you can take the ferry from Lauvvik to Oanes, where the Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke begins. The car ferry operates on a fixed timetable, and there is no need to pre-book tickets.

Preikestolen and Kjerag

Lysefjord is an ideal destination for hiking. The most renowned mountain hikes in the area are the iconic rock cliff Preikestolen and the boulder at Kjerag. Both hikes are designated as Norwegian Scenic Hikes.

"Lysefjorden rundt" (hike around Lysefjord) is a highly popular signature hike meticulously selected, quality-assured, and warmly recommended by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT). Additionally, Flørlitrappene and Kallaliklumpen in Flørli are worth visiting.

Accommodation along Lysefjord

There is an extensive range of accommodation options available across all price ranges along Lysefjord.

The impressive The Bolder, designed by Snøhetta, is situated in a breathtaking location offering spectacular views of Lysefjord.

Close by, in Forsand, you will find Gøysa Gard, where you can stay in farmhouse lodgings or rent cottages with fjord views. Another option is Lysefjorden Marina, providing waterfront apartments.

At the innermost part of Lysefjord, you will discover the DNT cabin Lysefjorden Turisthytte. This colourful tourist cabin, which features a restaurant with full service, is just 50 metres from the pier.

In the remote village of Flørli, located midway along the fjord, you can rent apartments, stay in a hostel, or spend the night in the old radio hut. There is also a campsite in the area in front of the café.

Across the fjord, you will find Songesand Camp, which can accommodate 11 people and offers space for both tents and campervans.

Preikestolen Camping, Wathne Camping, and Landa Park Camping are campsites within driving distance of Lysefjord.

Lysebotn, Flørli, and Songesand

The power-producing village of Flørli has transformed from an agricultural and industrial community into a cultural village. Join a historical village walk through the area and listen to the incredible stories about the power station, water pipes, and the 4,444 steps along the pipeline. Hike up the Flørlitrappene (Flørli stairs) or explore the spectacular Kallaliklumpen. There are cafes and plenty of accommodation options in Flørli.

At the innermost part of Lysefjord lies the power-producing village of Lysebotn, which has supplied electricity to large parts of the country since the 1950s. This small village has around 10 permanent residents but Kjerag attracts a multitude of tourists and BASE jumpers from all corners of the world during the summer season. In the village, you'll find accommodation, cafes, a local shop, and tourist information. Here, you can rent bicycles, kayaks, and fishing equipment.

From Lysebotn and Flørli, you can take the ferry to Songesand. Here, you can spend the night or drive through the magnificent mountain landscape to Nes in Årdal. You can also drive the Lysevegen road, with the 27 hairpin bends, to Sirdal from Lysebotn (winter closed road).

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