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Magma Geopark stretches across five municipalities on the wild south-west coast. Join us on a journey of discovery in the unique lunar landscape recognised by UNESCO. The landscape here was shaped by ice and is thus full of contrasts: everything from idyllic archipelagos to steep mountains with exciting formations that make you marvel at the powerful forces of nature.

What is a UNESCO Geopark?

A UNESCO Geopark is an area that has an outstanding geological heritage of global significance. Through a unique combination of conservation, sustainable development and community participation, geoparks have become increasingly popular. There are 195 UNESCO Geoparks around the world, and four of these parks are located in Norway.

What is Magma UNESCO Global Geopark?

In Magma Geopark, you enter an area that was once over 20 kilometres below the earth's surface and covered by a mountain range the size of the Himalayas. Here, the rocks surrounding the molten magma were more than ten times as hot as boiling water. At this high temperature, and under great pressure, the magma began to cool and crystallise, forming magmatic, large crystals. One example is anorthosite, the same rock found on the surface of the moon.

Landscapes shaped by 200 ice ages over the course of history

For over 1 billion years, a huge mountain range covered the Magma Geopark area. This mountain landscape was gradually altered by periods of both heat and cold, and eventually, erosion led to the landscape we see today. Some of these cold periods were so cold that they are called ice ages, and during these ice ages, the whole of Norway was covered by huge glaciers. There have been about 200 such ice ages throughout history.

Why the last ice age was important

The last ice age, which ended around 10,000 years ago, was particularly important. The ice shaped the landscape, and when it melted, it led to the formation of many natural sculptures made from different types of rock, some balancing in strange ways, others protruding from the mountains, such as Trollpikken. Here are more places of interest in the geopark.

Explore the stories in Magma Geopark

When you visit Magma Geopark, you can hear fascinating stories about how both human and geological processes have shaped and influenced the nature and landscape we see today. You can book guided tours in the geopark with Magma Geopark for the best anecdotes.

At Magma Geopark you can "walk" on the moon

Because this special type of rock is only found in such large quantities here and on the moon, we can invite you to walk on moon rock! However, the geopark is so much more than just rocks - it's also culture, food, lifestyle and above all - people! Find your lunar experience!

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