Bjerkreimselva (the river of Bjerkreim) is a popular area for fishing salmon and sea trout. It is rated one of the best salmon rivers in Norway. Several years the total catch in the river has been more than 7 000 salmon! Salmon fishing between 15 June and 20 September, fishing licenses are available at Esso Vikeså Veiservice, Cirkle K or at Bjerkreim Elveeigarlag / Bjerkreim Camping. See for more information. Some fishing equipment are available for sale at Coop Marked Vikeså and Coop Marked Bjerkreim. Fishing spot on Gjedlakleiv right by E39 is wheelchair accessible.

Season: 15 Juni - 20 September


  • 4389 VIKESÅ
51 20 11 00

Where is Bjerkreimselva?