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The fjord Jøssingfjorden is surrounded by steep mountainsides, and the end of the fjord is a scree of rocks. The county road bends and turns over the mountain, where a one-time farmstead is located underneath the overhanging mountainside forming a natural shelter for the structures here, popularly called the houses at Helleren (husene ved Helleren). People settled here as early as the Stone Age. Today, it's popular to visit the ancient farm which is open to guests.

Historically important war incident

The Jøssingfjord is of significant historical importance. The Altmark affair or the Altmark incident took place here on 16 February 1940. The German military support ship Altmark had around 300 British war prisoners on board and was allowed to pass Norwegian waters, escorted by a Norwegian torpedo ship. Subsequently, the Altmark ship was boarded by the British marine and the prisoners were released. The Altmark incident was then used as a pretext by Germany to attack and occupy Norway. Germany deemed that Norway neglected its duties as neutral by not ordering the Norwegian torpedo boats to stop the British from entering the Jøssingfjord. Norway pointed out that a neutral state has no legal obligation to stop violations of neutrality towards a powerful superior force. During the war, the term "jøssing" was used for anti nazistic Norwegians; based on the Altmark case.

Jøssingfjord Vitenmuseum

The Jøssingfjord Vitenmuseum (science museum) aspires to portray the connection of the nature of the place, people and technology, as well as stimulate interest in science among children and young people. The museum is partly open with an auditorium, cafe and a museum shop. The museum shop, cafe and cinema with showings of a documentary on the Altmark case are open in the summer from the beginning of July to the middle of August, every day from 11 am - 5 pm.

Titanium ore mining

The Jøssingfjord is also the shipping port for the company Titania AS, which operates a mine and a purification plant for titanium ore.

Getting to the Jøssingfjord

Exit from RV44 between Egersund and Flekkefjord at the bottom of the valley. There is a car park on the other side of the river Migaren. From the car park, it is a five-minute walk to the houses at Helleren. In the summer season, there is access to a toilet, as well as a kiosk with simple refreshments.

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