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There are no roads to some of these small communities. Trandal may be best known for Instagram photos of the spectacular swing where you almost hover above the fjord at Christian Gaard Bygdetun. Its many music festivals also attract a lot of visitors, as do the fantastic mountain hikes in the area. You can only come by sea on a ferry from Sæbø or Standal or by express boat or shuttle boat.

The fjord branches in two after a while, and one arm goes to Bjørke, while the other, called the Norangsfjord, takes you all the way to Øye,passing Urke on the way.Lygnstøylsvatnet lake is in the Norangsdalen valley, a narrow valley between Øye and Hellesylt. You can see the remains of house walls at the bottom of the lake, the result of a large rockslide damming the river and submerging the houses. This gives you a taste of the dramatic history of the area.

You’ll get to hear stories about the valley, fjord and hotel at the legendary Hotel Union Øye before you retire to a room bearing the name of a previous royal or prominent guest. Sagafjord Hotel at Sæbø is also a great starting point for hikes in the area, and several companies rent out cabins along the fjord.

The mountains that surround the fjord are a popular hiking area, including well-known mountains such as Slogen and Saksa. Local guide companies can accompany you on hikes in the mountains, cycling trips or kayaking trips on the fjord. Or how about kayaking in a glass bottom kayak on Lygnstøylsvatnet lake?

How to get to the Hjørundfjord

There is an express boat service from Ålesund to Øye in summer that stops at Trandal, Sæbø and Urke. Or you can travel by car and enjoy beautiful ferry crossings between Ytre Standal, Trandal, Sæbø, Skår and Leknes.

There are several ways of getting to the area by bus, boat or car.
Buses to Ørsta correspond with buses on to Sæbø.
You can take a ferry, express boat or shuttle boat to other destinations from Sæbø.
The shuttle boats are a kind of taxi service on the fjord.

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Hjørundfjorden is located in the heart of Sunnmøre. Short distance to popular destinations as UNESCO Geirangerfjord, the Art Nouveau town Ålesund and the Bird Island Runde.

Activities and attractions in Hjørundfjorden

Hjørundfjorden offers activities for the whole family all year! Hiking, boattrips and skiing in the Sunnmøre Alps are things you will not forget.

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