THE IVAR AASEN CENTRE, with its special focus on language and literature and its unique architecture guarantees you a wealth of memorable experiences while you are here and plenty of food for thought after your visit. Opened in 2000, the main building was designed by the Norwegian master architect Sverre Fehn and boasts the most prestigious architectural award that Norway has to offer. THE INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS AND EXHIBITS have so much for visitors to see and do - time will simply fly by! Every single day, they present something new about the languages of the world and from the current debate on the language situation in Norway. IVAR AASEN (1813-96) was the language researcher and writer who changed the course of Norwegian history. He created New Norwegian, a written language based on living dialects all over the country, and some of Norway's best loved songs came from his pen. The CAFETERIA offers you tasty meals and snacks and the chance to browse through the day's news in papers from many parts of Norway. The GIFT SHOP contains hundreds of articles and gifts, many of which are exclusive to the Centre, at a wide range of prices. GUIDED TOURS are organised every hour throughout the summer season, or as and when the need arises.  

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  • Indrehovdevegen 176
70 04 75 70

Where is The Ivar Aasen Centre?