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Valldal has a temperate climate and you can buy fruit, berries and vegetables straight from farmers during the summer season. The Norwegian Scenic Route Trollstigen - Geiranger passes through the municipality. You can visit spectacular architectural viewpoints along this section of road, such as Gudbrandsjuvet in Valldal.The unique natural features of the area mean that parts of the municipality are both part of Reinheimen National Park and Geirangerfjord World Heritage, and there are also four nature reserves and a number of landscape protection areas.

Many people visit the area for the wide range of activities on offer, which are suitable for all ages and skill levels. You can go kayaking, rafting, canyoning, hiking in the mountains, climbing with the whole family and ski touring. If you're looking for a real adrenaline kick, try abseiling down the 96-metre Zakariasdammen dam! Be sure to visit the beautiful Tafjord, an area that is part of UNESCO World Heritage that is not as well-known as its big brother the Geirangerfjord. Valldal is also the starting point for the Valldalsleia pilgrimage.

Towns and villages around Valldal

Fjørå – a fertile village. It’s easy to get to the great fishing and hiking terrain in the fjords and mountains. One popular walk is from Hauge up to Ruggå and then on up Mefjellet. There are fantastic views over the villages, the Tafjord and the surrounding mountains.

Tafjord is one of the most popular starting points for walks in the Tafjordfjella mountains. Tafjord is also known as a hydropower community, and the Zakariasdammen dam is a popular destination. 

– home to, among other things, the idyllic Herdalssetra pasture farm in the heart of the world-heritage West Norwegian Fjords, where summer pasture farming has taken place continuously for 300 years. The summer pasture farm gives visitors a glimpse into this tradition and into ecotourism. You can also go fishing in the idyllic Herdalsvatnet lake or in the many mountain lakes above the farm. There are many local food producers down in the village. 

– a great starting point for hikes in the mountains in varied terrain, summer and winter alike. The listed croft Severinbrauta is a popular destination. The buildings, garden, hayfield and furnishingshave been preserved as they were in the 1870s. 

– on Overøye is home to Arena Overøye ski centre, which has ski lifts and alpine slopes, and mile upon mile of fantastic, prepared cross-country tracks during the winter season. The Rosekyrkja church, with its incredible interior decoration, is well worth a visit.

Dyrkorn village is beautifully situated on the Storfjord and extends steeply up the mountainside. Several farms are situated above the village, and agriculture is an important livelihood. You can visit the traditional summer pasture farm Gjerdstølen or hike up one of the mountains around Dyrkorn.

How to get to Valldal

There are several ways of getting to Valldal, both on public transport and by car. The closest airport is Ålesund Airport Vigra, roughly one hour and thirty minutes from Valldal, which has good national and international connections.
By bus: Several departures a day from Ålesund. During summer, there's also a bus service from Åndalsnes. Check timetables at
By train: Train to Åndalsnes and bus over the Trollstigen road to Valldal during summer. Train timetables are available at
Distance by car: One hour and thirty minutes from Ålesund.

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