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All the way from the start, there is an impressive fjord view, and from Ruggå you will have a good general overview of Valldalen.

Ruggå is the name of a large boulder on top of the hill between Fjørå and Valldal. When you are standing on top of the boulder, you can rock it from side to side. The rock is more than 3 m3, having been left behind after the last ice age. This is the only boulder of this size in the area.

Route description:
We drive the county road from Valldal to Fjørå, and in that little hamlet we turn uphill towards Selboskar. We park our car at Hauge (400 m.a.s.l.). From the entrance to the parking area, we walk directly to the farmyard above, and follow a tractor road to the left, between the dwellings and the barn. The road goes up a gentle rise on the field. When it ends, we continueon a trail across a pasture. Here, it may be a bit boggy. Higher up on the hill, the trail turns to the right. Finally, we walk on smooth rock surfaces and through a pleasant pine forest to our destination.

Ruggå used to be the traditional location for lightning bonfires on St. Johns eve. During the last few years, a "grindløe" has been erected here. This barn is built in traditional style, thus demonstrating old handicraft. Inside, there are tables and benches, and hikers are welcome. We express our gratitude for the hospitality by tidying up and closing the doors when leaving.

If you wish to extend the trip, you can go back towards the west, but keep to the right where the trail splits at Geitsva, and follow markings towards Ytterlinakkane and Ytterli. This return takes 2,5 hours more.

(Source: Opptur Geirangerfjorden)

Starting at the car park at Hauge, follow the tractor track and footpath to Ruggå. Nice view over Valldal. It is also possible to continue to Høgsetra, and returning along to tractor track to Hauge.

<b>Duration: </b>about 20 minutes one way to Ruggå (via Høgsetra about 1 1/2 h total)


  • Fjørå
  • 6210 VALLDAL

Where is Ruggå?