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According to Netflix, "Troll" has become the world’s most watched movie in non-English language in their streaming service. The trolls have left visible marks in Møre og Romsdal county. Here, you will find several traces of the colossal giants, often described as dangerous, stupid, and huge.

Girl taken by a troll

The young girl Marte Olsdotter Strand from Åfarnes was captured by trolls. Roughly 300 years ago, she explained herself to eight jurors in Molde, who believed her.

Several sources tell the story of Marte, and the eight jurors are referred to as wise and sensible men, according to the author Kåre Magne Holsbøvåg, who has surveyed both names of places and legends about trolls in Nordmøre and Romsdal.

Warning sign of trolls at Trollstigen (the Troll path).

It is said that Marte was held captive by the large trolls for nearly two years, and several of them had buttocks like a fox. While she was there, the troll mother gave birth to a son with the size of a half-grown human. Marte refused to marry him and was therefore thrown naked out of the mountain.

In May 1695, Marte was asked by the county governor to come to Molde with her father, to explain herself to eight jurors. They concluded that the girl was trustworthy and in her right mind, and that she probably had been staying with the trolls.

The Trolls’ Wall – the result of a helter-skelter wedding

The dramatic peaks of the famous Trollveggen (the Trolls’ wall) not being ordinary mountains is perhaps a better-known story. The peaks are trolls turned to stone. According to the legend of the Trolls’ Wall, it all started a long time ago, when the trolls held a big wedding in the Romsdalen valley. They partied and celebrated all night and did not notice the approaching daylight.

When the sun rose, the whole party was petrified. Today, you may have a glimpse of the trolls’ faces among the rock peaks, having names like Brura, Brudgommen, Brurjentene, Trollspiret, Trollparet, Trollgubben, Trollklørne and Trollryggen (the Bride, the Groom, the Bridesmaids, the Troll Spire, the Troll Couple, the Troll Claws, and the Troll Back). Trollveggen is located in the middle of Romsdalen valley and is Northern Europe's highest vertical rock wall. The height from the top down to the bottom of the valley is around 1,700 metres.

Fear and horror

The trolls are deeply rooted in Nordic poetry and fairy tale tradition with roots in Norse mythology, and have spread fear and horror from time immemorial. There were also periods when it was forbidden to have anything to do with such extra-terrestrials.

The troll bans

The oldest Norwegian Christian laws from the 11th and 12th centuries contained a clear prohibition against "having contact with and seeking knowledge from trolls". In Norway's first national law from 1276, having contact with trolls was seen as such a serious offense that it entailed the law's most severe punishment.

Troll at Trollstigen Gjestegård (guest house) |© Trollstigen Gjestegård /

More than 200 troll locations

In Møre og Romsdal, more than 200 names of places, mountains and areas start with the name Troll, as well as several alternative names of trolls like “jutul”.

Some of the places’ names are linked to legends, others probably originate from the fact that people traveling in the areas found them to be eerie and slightly frightening, having strange, inexplicable sounds. Many of the names probably date from the Middle Ages.

Norway's most beautiful mountain valley – Innerdalen – is located in the Trollheimen landscape conservation area |© Stian Skram /

Trollheimen – perfect for trolls

Stories tell that the trolls live in untouched nature, in mountain caves, forests, and seas. In that sense, Møre and Romsdal county was perfect for trolls, especially the great hiking area Trollheimen on the border between Møre and Romsdal and Sør-Trøndelag county.

Trollheimen means "home of the trolls", and legend says that the mountains in this area were originally trolls that turned to stone. The enormous mountains of Trollheimen show that the trolls who lived here may have been the colossal “jutuls” or “mountain trolls”. Some of the mountains in Trollheimen have names such as Trollhetta and Trolla, which is the highest mountain of Trollheimen (1850 masl).

In Valldal Activity park, there are more than 1,500 meters of climbing trails, long zip-lines, bouncy cushions and bouncy castles. In addition to the climbing park, there is also a play area, Trollspretten, where children can jump, play, or take part in activities with the trolls in the yard.

Trollkirka – the Troll’s Church

Locations with troll in their names may be found in several areas. One is Trollkirka in Hustadvika municipality (the Troll’s Church), which consists of three limestone caves with underwater streams and waterfalls, 500 metres above sea level. In the area you will also find Trolltindane, Trolldalen and Trollvatna (the Troll Peaks, the Troll Valley, and the Troll Lakes). A troll dragon is living in one of them, he was last seen as late as the end of the 19th century "by an old shoemaker, Mats from Varholen, and a person following him". The lake is also said to contain a troll fish with two heads, according to a legend.

Trollstigen – the Troll path

Trollstigen, with its 11 steep, hairpin bends zigzagging 825 metres above sea level, is among the country's most visited tourist attractions. The trip up the Trollstigen road shows a masterpiece of engineering. However, the magical nature is often the most impressing.
Nearby Trollstigen, in Valldal, you will find Valldal Activity park with more than 1,500 meters of climbing trails, long zip-lines, bouncy cushions and bouncy castles. In addition to the climbing park, there is also a play area, Trollspretten /Trollbounce, where children can jump, play, or take part in activities.

Trollstigen |© Haakon Lundkvist /

Trolltind in Sunndal

Trolltinden is referred to as Nordmøre's most popular summit ski trip – a fantastic trip with a short hike from Jordalsgrenda, lovely views and first-class skiing. By spending time with a locally known guide, you will deepen your knowledge about traveling in the winter mountains and get close to the mountain culture in Møre and Romsdal.

Welcome to a magical experience in Møre og Romsdal!

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