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Trollkirka is not a conventional church as many might think but consists of three exciting marble and limestone caves with underground streams and waterfalls. Located just 25 minutes from the Atlantic Road, you can experience enchanting nature and receive a fantastic reward upon arrival. From the marked parking lot, it's about a 90-minute hike on a steep trail.

Trollkirka (484 meters above sea level) comprises three marble and limestone caves. The lower cave is about 40 meters long in an "S-shape". Here, you enter a beautiful waterfall that falls 14 meters down into a white marble pool. In the cave above, you can see the waterfall plunging straight down into another cave. The upper cave mostly consists of long underground passages.

Continuing past the cave entrances leads to Trollkirkevatnet, an idyllic fishing lake with white marble piers, perfect for a break and a refreshing swim on warm days.

Parking and hiking description

The caves are located in the mountains north of the main road between Moen in Fræna and Eide. From the marked parking lot on RV64, it's about a 90-minute hike on a steep trail. The trail is signed, initially along a mountain road, over a bridge, and then through a spruce forest before the ascent. Just follow the path upwards. It's signposted where you can enter the caves.

Important Info

  • Mountain or waterproof shoes are recommended for this hike due to water inside the caves and sometimes wet trail conditions.
  • Bring good flashlights or headlamps for each person to see optimally when inside the caves.
  • Remember that entering such natural caves carries some risk. Stones can loosen from walls and ceilings. Therefore, we recommend bringing both a helmet and a light for the trip.
  • Enter at your own risk.

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