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Have you ever driven up the Trollstigen road and been impressed by the views and steep hairpin bends? Perhaps you’ve driven past a sweaty cyclist on the way up and thought how tiring it looks? It’s certainly tiring, but not quite as tiring with a bit of electric assistance. An electric bike will bring you close to nature, and you may even feel the spray as you cycle past waterfalls on the Trollstigen road. Enjoy mastering the physical effort as you pedal up the hairpin bends. Join an electric bike ride you won't forget in a hurry!

Relax on the train

The smartest choice for both you and the environment is to leave your car behind and travel to Åndalsnes by train. Lean back and enjoy the wild and beautiful views along the Rauma Railway all the way to the town in the midst of the fjords and mountains. Did you know that the Rauma Railway has twice been ranked the most beautiful train journey in Europe by Lonely Planet? It has also been used as a backdrop in blockbusters like Harry Potter and Mission: Impossible. When you arrive in Åndalsnes, you find yourself in the mountaineering capital of Norway. If you are joining a guided trip, you will be greeted by a friendly, local guide who will give you an introduction to the adventure that awaits you. Grab a bite at the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre beside the train station and change into your cycling gear. The e-bikes are ready outside, and you can start your adventure!

  1. Åndalsnes
  2. Trollstigen
  3. Gudbrandsjuvet
  4. Valldal


3 km10 min
Duration: 0,5 day

An experience for your taste buds and soul

A short cycle through the centre of Åndalsnes and on along the short road to Veblungsnes, brings you to beautiful Tuen Gård – the world's northernmost vineyard. The vintner, Johan, welcomes you with a smile and gives you a tour of the farm and its 14 wine cellars. He happily shares his extensive knowledge of wine, fruit and local history as he serves tasting samples from a selection of the 35 wines he has produced and stored at the farm.

Replete with great stories and flavours, you will be picked up at the vineyard by someone from your chosen accommodation in or around Åndalsnes. All the recommended accommodation options below are steeped in history and have a lovely atmosphere.

Norway's first tourist hotel

Stay at the fabled Aak Hotel. The hotel has a long history as a meeting place for mountain tourists all the way back to the 19th century when English mountain climbers came to Romsdalen to explore its virgin peaks. Norway's first tourist hotel is nestled among the steep mountains of Romsdalen, just below Romsdalseggen, and offers an unforgettable view of iconic peaks. Here, you can enjoy delicious meals as well as a heart-warming atmosphere.

Farm experience

At Rosvang Gaard, a little further north of Åndalsnes, you are welcomed by Albert and Otto who open their home to a handful of lucky guests. The farm is idyllically situated with views of the fjord as well as the mountains. Enjoy the calm atmosphere and exquisite food made from local ingredients as you chat with your friendly hosts. For those who want to experience the entire Romsdalsfjord, you can set off on a cycling experience from Rosvang Gaard. On your way to Åndalsnes and Trollstigen, you can enjoy panoramic views of the landscape before you come to the mountain massif.

In the centre

Grand Hotel is located in the heart of Åndalsnes at the foot of Nesaksla, and offers great views of Romsdalen’s other majestic mountains. The hotel’s history goes all the way back to 1890. Today, Grand Hotel is a modern course and conference hotel with 86 rooms of a high standard. Its new restaurant, Restaurant La Vue, opened in 2019.



39 km2h 30min
Duration: 0,5 day

Ready, set, pedal

Rested and full after a delicious breakfast, you are ready to set off on another slightly longer cycling trip, to experience the destinations Trollstigen and Gudbrandsjuvet. With electric assistance as you pedal, the climb up the famous hairpin bends is a piece of cake, but you will still feel a real sense of achievement when you get to the top under your own steam. Wild waterfalls and steep mountainsides are never far off, as you make your way up the 11 winding bends to Trollstigen plateau. You can, of course, take pit stops to enjoy the view and take some mandatory selfies along the way.

Time to restore your energy levels! Once you reach Trollstigen, everything tastes a little better than usual. Enjoy a cup of coffee as you stroll out to the viewpoint, where you get an incredible view of the bends you've just cycled up.

High up in the mountains and then downhill

Get ready for another session on the bike. You are almost at the top of the mountain, and after a few gentle uphill climbs surrounded by beautiful, iconic mountains, you can soon cycle downhill all the way to Valldal. The highest point on this journey is Alnesreset, at 850 metres above sea level. All you need to do now is lean over the handlebars and let the wind ruffle your hair, with most of the hard work done.

As you cycle downhill towards Valldalen along the river Valldøla, the valley gradually narrows and the river widens. You are now approaching Gudbrandsjuvet, a massive river gorge with numerous riverine potholes and a large volume of water. Take a break and walk onto the platforms and bridges overlooking the impressive gorge.



15 km40 min
Duration: 0,5 day

Roaring river, cultural history and modern architecture

Just by Gudbrandsjuvet, you will find Juvet Landskapshotell, which has won several awards for its distinctive architecture. The rooms are structured as cubes with large floor-to-ceiling windows, offering striking views of the roaring river below. The cabins are raised on stilts, and thus make little impact on the steep terrain and surrounding nature. A night here is highly recommended.

Time to rest

The road ahead is still easy as you cruise downhill and the terrain gradually opens up. You are surrounded by large green meadows, strawberry fields and eventually orchards. In the middle of all this opulence, Meretes Garden appears, in an idyllical and secluded location by the river, which now flows a little more gently. Merete welcomes you to her lovely herb garden and cosy glamping tents in the backyard. Enjoy yoga, meditation, a sauna and maybe a refreshing dip in the river.

Orchards and steep mountainsides

You are now approaching the centre of Valldal, the beautiful village by the fjord. Surrounded by steep mountainsides, Valldal has abundant orchards and a great range of food and accommodation options. Take a well-deserved coffee break at KHAYA Barista Bar, where Muzi, a double regional barista champion, serves his delicious coffee.

Once you have finished your coffee, we recommend continuing a bit further to visit Linge Gård. Here, you get to admire the long rows of fruit trees and to taste the products made on the farm. You can also pick up some goodies from the farm shop before cycling back to Valldal. Now might be a good time to recharge – both yourself and your bike. At the lovely Valldal Fjord Lodge, tourists have been recharging their batteries for more than 80 years, in its romantic atmosphere influenced by its long history.

Sleep well in the mountain air

After finishing your evening meal, you will find a soft bed where you can let all the impressions of the day sink in. And there is every reason to be satisfied. You have now covered over 60 km and almost 900 meters of altitude on a bike. You have sweated, eaten, experienced and sampled the gems of Romsdalen and Valldal.



54 km3t
Duration: 0,5 dag

Tempted by this e-bike adventure?

Cycle back from Valldal to Åndalsnes or use the local bus. See timetables and buy a ticket at

Get in touch for more information and to book a guided trip here:

  • Hotel Aak: | +47 712 21 700
  • Uteguiden: | +47 405 54 670

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