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Welcome to one of Norway's most exciting rappels! You have now the opportunity to rappell on the 100 meter high Zakarias dam in Tafjord/Tafjord Mountain Range.

The rappelling itself is close to 60 meters, and one of Norway's highest organized rappels. To get back up from the end of the rappell, you follow a Via Ferrata route up from the gorge. This is truly an activity that provides both great nature experiences and mastery. The rappelling is organized with certified instructors and is a safe activity even for those without any climbing experience.

The rappell is an activity at the Hydropower and Avelanche Center in Tafjord– Ville Krefter, and from the center it takes approx. 15 minutes to drive up to Zakariasdammen where the rappelling itself takes place.

Tafjorden is on the UNESCO world herritage liste, and the drive itself into Tafjord is a spectacular scenic drive along the fjord! Age limit 18 years.

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NOK 990


  • Kvislevegane 76
  • 6213 TAFJORD


With a guide:

Where is Rappelling at the Zakarias Dam - Ville Krefter?