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National Heritage

Sogndalstrand is one of the most popular destinations in Rogaland, and the only village in Norway where both the wooden houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as the surrounding cultural landscape are protected by the National Heritage Board. Sogndalstrand is a former trading town and was its own municipality until 1944. As trading town, had the privilege of conducting trade, importing and exporting goods.

Heyday in the 19th century

The city's heyday was in the 19th century, when 20 shops, four bakeries, two liquor outlets and four pubs were operated in Sogndalstrand. Here was also a customs station, bank, spinning mill, sailing ship park and its own prison, which was often used as a drunken arrest after Saturday's excesses in the square. Today there is a bar in the prison. Throughout the 20th century, when industrialization hit Norway, the road took over the role that the sea previously had had. The main traffic lane and shopping center were moved from Sogndalstrand to the municipal center Hauge in Dalane, people moved and shops were closed.

Tourism development booming

The place has had a strong upswing in recent years after the National Heritage Board protected the city and the cultural hotel was established. Thereafter, a gallery, a golf course, a country store, an outdoor amphitheater, a sculpture pier, sea rafting and a fishing museum have been established. In the summer there are concerts and / or outdoor theater in Sogndalstrand Amfi. Lakseelva Sokna has its outlet at Sogndalstrand, and is popular for fishing.


Sokndal municipality is the first municipality in Norway to join the Cittaslow movement. The membership here means that you take care of what characterizes the municipality and focus on the local and unique. The main purpose of Cittaslow is to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants and create an identity for the place. Every autumn, the week of love, «Kjærlighedsvego» is arranged. The idea behind the week is to show care and take good care of each other. Visitors are not seen as tourists, but as guests.

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