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Moonwalking at Hellarsheia – Magma UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Hellersheia plateau consists of massive anorthosite with visible signs of the effects of the Ice Age. The hike up to the Hellersheia plateau includes some demanding parts, but the views are worth the effort. From the top, you can appreciate the majestic rocky landscape as well as the beautiful view of Jøssingfjord and the sea beyond.

The Hellersheia hike takes you up to 300 metres above sea level from Jøssingfjord. The spectacular anorthosite landscape at the top is breathtaking and teaches you about the effects of the Ice Age in the area. The landscape on the plateau is dominated by the majestic mountains, clear lakes and large blocks of rocks that are scattered about. These blocks of rock were suspended in glaciers that spread across the area and were left behind when the ice melted. You can also find circular potholes on the plateau, formed by the wearing effect of stones swirling around by running water at the end of the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago. You may notice that some of the rock surfaces have near-horizontal scratches known as glacial striations. These were made by blocks of rock as they were carried along by the flowing ice.

You can access the Hellersheia at the starting point by following Rv44 to the Jøssingfjord. Park the car at the parking lot at Utsikten on the way down to the fjord. The trail is marked with red dots. Contact the Magma Geopark team to get the full experience with a specialised guide.

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  • Jøssingfjord
  • 4380 Hauge i Dalane
+47 51 22 55 05


  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Spring
Total ascent:
  • 674m
Level of difficulty:
  • Medium (blue)
  • 6km
  • Short (0.5-3h)
  • Path
  • Scree

Where is Hellarsheia?