Ready for a Trip to the Moon?

Very few can travel to the moon, but nowhere on Earth, will you get closer to a real lunar landscape than in the Magma UNESCO Global Geopark!

Walk on moon rock at the Edge of Norway|© Tjomlid Media/Agder Droneservice AS

The distinctive lunar landscape is the result of a rare type of rock - anorthosite. The next time you gaze at the moon, you should know that the bright areas on the moon are made up of the exact same type of rock.

The anorthosite in the Magma UNESCO Geopark was formed 930 million years ago when molten rock solidified 20 kilometers below the Earth's surface. This unique landscape has earned the area UNESCO status.

Amidst this barren lunar landscape, you'll find the charming wooden towns of Egersund and Flekkefjord, with cafes and specialty shops. The old trading post of Sogndalstrand offers a journey back in time with its newly restored wooden buildings from the 19th century. The distance between city life and unique mountain formations is short. You can tread on lunar land in one moment and then enjoy a good lunch in a picturesque small town in the next.

“Join this summer's big lunar journey - on the edge of Norway in Magma UNESCO Global Geopark”

In the UNESCO area, you'll find the two charming small towns of Egersund and Flekkefjord, as well as the old trading post of Sogndalstrand. The lunar landscape offers unique hiking areas and exciting attractions such as Trollpikken and rail biking on the abandoned Flekkefjord Railway.


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