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Kvitsøy is an island and also a municipality in Rogaland county. In size, Kvitsøy is actually Norway's smallest municipality. The islands have just over 500 inhabitants or "Kvitsøybuer" as the locals are also called. Kvitsøy consists of as many as 167 islands, islets and larger reefs, where six of these are inhabited: the islands of Kvitsøy, Langøy, Kviting (Krossøy), Hellesøy, Krågøy and Grøningen.

The islands are made up of transformed volcanic rocks that provide a small rocky archipelago landscape. Most people from Kvitsøy live on the main island of Kvitsøy, and most of these live in the village of Ydstebøhavn. The islanders are known as jovial and friendly, and when you walk or cycle across the island in summer you will see how much work they put into their fertile gardens. A joy to watch!

Getting to the island of Kvitsøy

Kvitsøy is a small community with narrow roads and limited parking. If you can, leave your car on the mainland while visiting Kvitsøy. At the parking at the ferry terminal at Mekjarvik, there is plenty of capacity.

The island landscapes are fairly flat and therefore well suited for biking. There are also nice hiking opportunities on the islands. During the summer season, you can rent bikes at the ferry terminal at Kvitsøy. There is furthermore a bus that can take you all over the island.

Maritime history

The island is dominated by the construction and transport industry, sea transport in particular, with the Kvitsøy traffic centre. Agriculture is furthermore important, with the main emphasis on cattle and sheep. Fishing is additionally an important industry; shellfish and mackerel are the majority of the seafood fished here. The farming of salmon, lobster and scallops is also significant. In earlier days, lobster fishing was dominant, nowadays, crab and shrimp are some of the most sought-after seafood. Visit the lobster museum for more information on Kvitsøy's lobster history.

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