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Start in the north, from Stavanger, take E39 in the direction of Bergen, take the tunnel, Byfjordtunnelen, then turn towards Mosterøy, cross the island to the island of Fjøløy and stop at Fjøløy lighthouse, where there is a hiking area with paths for the entire family. And lots of weather! You can also visit Utstein Monastery. Accommodation is possible at Utstein Kloster Hotel.

Fjøløy and Mosterøy

Return via the Byfjord tunnel, and follow signposting to Tungenes lighthouse, a museum and a cultural scene, with exhibits, concerts, a gallery and a cafe. Open Sundays and in summer. 

Follow signposting to Mekjarvik to take the Kvitsøy ferry to Kvitsøy to see the 25-metre tall Kvitsøy lighthouse. After experiencing Kvitsøy and its lighthouse, take the ferry back and drive southwards via E39, turning towards Sola (FV509) in the direction of Kvernevik.

Continue until arriving onto the FV510 and keep going southwards until making a turn on the North Sea Road (FV507) on to the elongated Bore beach. From the beach, you sight the Feistein lighthouse.

A chain of lighthouses

At Nærbø, drive a short distance along FV44 before making a turn towards Obrestad lighthouse, located between Hå Gamle Prestegard and Obrestad harbour. Accommodation is possible at the lighthouse. In the harbour, explore the sculpture Konvoi, made by artist Elisabeth Jarstø.

Back on to the FV44, continue southwards to Kvassheim lighthouse. Visit exhibitions on rescue history and the protected landscape area. Open during summer. 

Along the North Sea Road

Head south to Egersund. Exit onto the FV502 towards Eigerøy lighthouse. Parking 1 hour's walk from the lighthouse. The country’s first tower in cast iron. The cafe is open Sundays in summer. Accommodation is possible.

Return on the same road to FV44 and continue to Rekefjord, where you can catch a boat ride to Lille Presteskjær lighthouse. It is also possible to rent accommodation here. A little further south, find Sogndalstrand Kulturhotell, where you both eat and sleep well.

Visit beautiful Dalane