The lighthouse was established in 1828 and closed in 1984. The lighouse master's house is from 1938, his assistant's house from 1957-58. There is an annex, machinery shed and boathouse. Tungenes Lighthouse is protected and restored to its 1930s appearance. The lighthouse now serves as a fine arts and cultural centre. Concerts with both Norwegian and international artists are regularly arranged here. The café serves good coffee food with a view on the purchase, and on the second floor above the café is the Oskar Sørreime collection. There is also a lighthouse museum and maritime museum on site. Open: daily 12-4pm from mid June to mid August. Sundays 12-4pm the rest of the year (February to November).  

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NOK 70


  • Tungenesveien 217
  • 4070 RANDABERG
47 77 60 20

Where is Tungenes lighthouse?