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Kvitsøy lighthouse was built in 1829. Tt was then 18 metre-high with a coal burner on top. In 1859, the tower was raised by a further 7 m and equipped with an oil-fired flame and a lens system. The top of the lighthouse is now 45 m above sea level. In 1938, the lighthouse was electrified, and in 1969, automated. The lighthouse is heritage-listed. The history of the tilting lighthouse Kvitsøy lighthouse has, however, a history dating back to the year 1700 when Henrich Petersen set up a so-called bascule lighthouse in Ydstebøhavn. The lighthouse consisted of a mast that had a cross rocker mounted. At the end of it was attached a "fire pan" filled with burning coal and hung 6 m above the ground. In 2005, a model of the bascule lighthouse came into place next to the existing lighthouse, and was inaugurated with a great marking as Kvitsøy's millennium square. A hiking trail leads up to the lighthouse from Ydstebøhavn and continues out towards the sea in the west. 

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Where is Kvitsøy lighthouse?