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Feistein lighthouse is situated on the only islet in the municipality of Klepp, a 10-minute boat trip from the small marina at Sele. The lighthouse is heritage listed. The first time it was lit was in 1859. At the time, it was simply mounted on a tower on top of the lighthouse residence. Since then, a 25-metre cast-iron lighthouse was put up. The lighthouse was automated in 1990. Only members of the Feistein Fyr Venneforening can stay the night at the lighthouse or go on day trips.

How to become a member?

Write an email where you state your desired membership, your name, address and phone number. The membership fees are as follows:

  • Per person: NOK 100
  • Family/household: NOK 150
  • Associations: NOK 500
  • Companies: NOK 1,000

Day trips

The boat "Feieren" leaves from the marina at Sele every Sunday at 11 am and returns a few hours later. Feistein Fyr Venneforening provides life vests for adults, however, not for children.

  • Adult: NOK 200
  • Kids from 10 to 16 years old: NOK 100
  • Kids under 10 years old: Free (Bring a life vest)

Accommodation in the lighthouse residence

As a member of Feistein Fyr Venneforening, you can stay the night at the lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper's residence sleeps around 15 people.

  • 1 night NOK 300 per person
  • Stay for more than 1 night: NOK 300 for the first night and NOK 200 per night following
  • Stay for seven nights NOK 1,500
  • The entire house reserved for less than six people NOK 1,800 per night
  • Only one person to stay the night NOK 600
  • When staying the night: Use of the power generator amounts to NOK 25 per hour
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Where is Feistein lighthouse?