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Far west at Kvitsøy, you will find a hiking trail that goes from Håland all the way to the lighthouse. Here you get to see and experience rough coastal landscapes with waves and reefs. The trip goes over pastures with many fence splitters, so stick to the marked path. Here you will also find old bunkers from the days of the war, from when Kvitsøy was under German occupation. In very bad weather this trip is not recommended.

Getting to Kvitsøy

Kvitsøy is a small community with narrow roads and limited parking. If you can, leave your car on the mainland while visiting Kvitsøy. At the parking at the ferry terminal at Mekjarvik, there is plenty of capacity.

The island landscapes are fairly flat and therefore well suited for biking. There are also nice hiking opportunities on the islands. During the summer season, you can rent bikes at the ferry terminal at Kvitsøy. There is furthermore a bus that can take you all over the island.

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  • Håland
  • 4180 Kvitsøy


  • 2.6km
  • Short (0.5-3h)
Total ascent:
  • 53m
Level of difficulty:
  • Easy (green)
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Winter

Where is The hiking area west at Kvitsøy?