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Edge of Norway brims with wonderful possibilities, whether you're up for a festival, a dip in an idyllic cove, immersing yourself in history and culture, or driving through a picturesque landscape of green fields and blue seas. Here, you can just be yourself, alone or with friends and family. Maybe there will be group singing, laughter, and guitars in the late hours of the night. Or perhaps you're heading to a festival and capping off the night at a pub with the deep bass thumping?

Can you hear the good vibe? Is it the sound of joy? Is it the sound of a singing sensation in full flow at a concert– or is it simply the sound of you feeling better than great – right here on the edge? Enjoy the Edge!

Festivals in the Stavanger region

These are the festivals you shouldn't miss! Whether it's food, music, sports or people-watching and socialising with good friends or family that makes you happy, we have something for you! At the end of June, Norway's largest food festival will once again be held in Stavanger. Gladmat has gradually become known beyond Stavanger's borders, and year after year people come in crowds to taste their way through the city's restaurants and food producers.

From rock to street art

In Erling Braut Haaland's hometown of Bryne, the Jærnåttå and Jærdagen festival will once again make Bryne vibrate with life in May. Rock out, admire the street art by Pøbel, and explore the charming town with unpretentious Jæren hospitality, local cuisine, and proximity to beautiful natural moments at Jæren. Bring your loved ones or make new friends at the festival!

Interested in sports heroes?

Sandnes once again presents the Blink Ski Festival in the middle of summer! Every athlete with a burning passion for skiing will compete on roller skis in the streets of Sandnes, accompanied by wild cheers from you and your group of friends, or you and your family of skiing enthusiasts!

Music in various forms!

August delivers both chamber music and electronica with the Stavanger Chamber Music Festival and Utopia in Stavanger. Did you know that Stavanger has its own symphony orchestra, Stavanger Symfoniorkester? Find your concert moment here.

Why Edge of Norway, and where?

It's easy to think that the Stavanger region is summed up by Edge of Norway solely due to its geographical location and renowned natural attractions like Preikestolen, Kjerag, and, not least, Jæren, which in old Norwegian means 'edge.' There are several spectacular landscapes and natural phenomena that earn the region its title as the edge of Norway, even the edge of the world.

You'd have to travel to the moon to find a landscape and geology similar to what you find in the Magma UNESCO Global Geopark. And in the sea beyond this lunar landscape, there's the amphidromic point where tidal waves converge and neutralize each other.

The region is Norway's outer edge facing the North Sea. Traces of some of the country's earliest settlements have been discovered here. Norway was united into one kingdom here, and we've ventured out for a thousand years and the world has come to us. We're known for a strong entrepreneurial spirit, for seizing opportunities and leveraging the resources around us. There's no one here saying it can't be done. On the contrary, we celebrate those who take chances, those with an extra gear and great determination.

The atmosphere is refreshingly informal. We know that teamwork wins, and we take pride in what we achieve together. This has given us confidence, prosperity, but also significant setbacks and challenges. We're accustomed to managing change and risk. We push boundaries without being foolhardy or overconfident. It's only natural that people from around the world come here to challenge their comfort zones, test new ideas, and create value. Here, they find like-minded individuals.

People who appreciate freedom, quality, and enjoyment. It's a cliché that there's a short distance from work to the surfers' paradise, the kayak, the hills, the fjords, the mountains, and the cliffs, but it's true.

Edge of Norway encompasses Kvitsøy - Randaberg - Stavanger - Sandnes - Sola - Gjesdal - Klepp - Time - - Bjerkreim - Eigersund - Lund - Sokndal - Sirdal.

The Sound of Edge of Norway

Do you hear the sound of people excitedly saying "Mmm", "aha!" and "WOW"? That's the sound of Edge of Norway.