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Travelling to Norway for a skiing holiday? Snowboarding? Or just frolicking in the snow with your family? Imagine your children playing in the snow while you and your loved one enjoy a hot coffee in the winter sun. Comfortable cabins, practical apartments close to the ski centre or hotel rooms with the ski lift right outside the door. Eat at a restaurant or prepare the food yourself. Sleep close to nature in an eco-lodge one day, and drive with dogsleds the next. It's your choice! Plan to avoid surprises along the way.

Sirdal is nice to visit all year round

Sirdal is primarily a renowned destination for winter activities, with ski centres, mountain hotels and several cabins. But did you know that Sirdal is also nice to visit at other times of the year? In the autumn there are beautiful autumn colours and the possibility of both mushroom and berry picking. Spring is great for hiking, and after the snow melts, the waterfalls are often extra powerful. For example, Dorgefoss is a waterfall easily accessible. In the summer, The ski resort Sirdal Fjellpark transforms into a summer park with a climbing park, frisbee golf, mountain carts, beach with water sports activities such as sup, fishing and water games. Feel free to also visit the four-legged friends at Sirdal husky farm, dogsledding is possible both in winter and in summer. In addition, they have a bunch of other experiences for young and old.

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