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An important junction

Byrkjedal is a small district, where four roads and valleys meet. From the northwest comes county road FV450 from Dirdal, which continues northeast through Øvstebødalen and Hunnedalen to Sirdal. In the southwest direction, county road FV503 goes via Gloppedalen and Gloppedalsura to Vikeså, and in the southeast county road, FV284 leads to Maudal.

Tourist attraction

Byrkjedal is best known for Byrkjedalstunet, the area's old cheese factory. Over the years, it has been converted into a candle factory, souvenir shop, hotel and restaurant, with several new buildings in the old style. Several of these are copies of old buildings from the valley and are located along the old road up to the valley of Gloppedalen. Byrkjedalstunet is a popular place for both locals and tourists. Here you can stop for a cup of coffee, pancakes or sour cream porridge, eat a full dinner and buy candles in every imaginable variety. The goats and old tractors are clear favourites among the youngest. Gloppehallen, a huge hall which hides inside the mountain, is well-suited for larger parties.

A short distance to beautiful nature experiences

Both in winter and summer Byrkjedal is a good starting point for a variety of nature experiences. The mountain scree Gloppedalsura is only a few minutes away, and it is also not far from Dirdal and Frafjord. In winter, cross-country skiing trails and slalom slopes in Stavtjørn, Brekko and Sirdal will entice you.

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