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Newly groomed ski pistes, beautiful, powdered snow in the hills, rock-hard skating ice on the lakes. Are you travelling to Norway for the winter holidays this year? In the Stavanger region, you can find your winter's paradise.

The snowy landscapes are only a short travel time away

We don't always have snow in the lowlands, however, the distance to frolicking possibilities in the snow is short. Brekko, for instance, is only 45 kilometres from Stavanger. The area is an ideal outdoor space for families with runs for sledging and cross-country ski pistes. You can borrow snow sliders for the kids on site.

Rental of skis and equipment

Also, you don't need to travel with all your skiing equipment, everything you need can be rented at, remember to do so two days in advance. There are facilities for cooking food over an open fire and benches and tables for picnicking. Stavtjørn is another popular ski destination, some 80 kilometres from Stavanger, with slalom facilities and family areas for skiing and sledging.

Explore the snowy mountains with local experts

The famous Lysefjord mountains are covered in snow, creating a stunning winter scene. If you're wondering how to explore this snowy beauty, don't worry! In our region, there are several friendly guides ready to safely take you up and down these impressive places. With their help, you can have a secure and unforgettable hiking experience in the magical snowy wilderness landscapes. Pick one of these great guides for a safe and joyful snowy mountain adventure.

Sirdal – a winter's paradise

In less than two hours, you will reach Sirdal from Stavanger, with winter activities in abundance. Around 200 kilometres of prepped cross-country pistes are scattered all over Sirdal, suitable for both long and short ski expeditions. Load your backpack like the Norwegians would; hot chocolate, oranges and Kvikklunsj bars (similar to KitKat, but it's not the same :)) and go cross-country skiing.

Four ski centres in Sirdal

Additionally, choose between four ski centres from north to south in the Sirdal Valley if you prefer slalom or snowboarding. Both Sirdal Ski Centre and Ådneram Ski Centre have dedicated areas for kids and heated rooms for resting and lunching in between activities. As you might expect, you can rent skis and equipment on-site.

Stay at a cabin or a hotel

Rent a cabin or an apartment with Sirdal Resort. Sirdal høyfjellshotell is also a popular mountain hotel, with an excellent restaurant, cosy lounges with comfy couches near the fireplace, and it has an indoor pool! At Sirdal Huskyfarm you can stay either at the camping or in tee-pee cabins, and at Sirdal Safari and Adventure, you can rent an old hunting lodge or stay in an Eco-lodge! Byrkjedalstunet is another traditional hotel to stay the night and is a good starting point for adventures in Stavtjørn, Giljastølen, Hunnedalen and Sirdal.

Ski bus to Sirdal from Stavanger

The ski bus to Sirdal is easy and comfortable transport for those who come without a car.

Polar dogs in Sirdal

At Sirdal Huskyfarm, explore family-friendly activities, such as dog sledging, visiting the dog kennel or going on family expeditions - they offer adventures with and without accommodation.

Bon appétit in Sirdal!

The Sirdal region boasts a restaurant with perhaps the best view in the region. The restaurant is built on top of the hill Hoppmannsknuten, a hill popularly called Slottet (the castle) by the locals. Naturally, it became the name of the restaurant - Slottet i Sirdal (The Castle of Sirdal). Enjoy waffles, coffee and hot chocolate here after your ski trip, or splurge on a lavish evening meal.

Winter in the Lysefjord

Explore the winter in the Lysefjord from the water. Cruise past snowy landscapes and icy cliffs or paddle through icy waters at your own pace, soaking in the rough winter beauty of the Lysefjord. These water excursions let you experience the wintery wonders of the Lysefjord simply and thrillingly.

Easter on the Edge of Norway

Learn more about quirky, Norwegian Easter traditions. Is Easter in Norway and in the Stavanger region for you? Spend it in the snowy mountains of Sirdal, Bjerkreim or Gjesdal or near the beaches of Jæren on the edge of Norway. If a city Easter is more to your liking, choose between Stavanger, Sandnes, Bryne or Egersund. Combine with fjord adventures in the Lysefjord, and island activities outside of Stavanger, or find a different Easter experience in lunar landscapes.

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More winter inspiration about the Stavanger region

Winter in the cities or winter in the mountains in the Stavanger region? Here on the edge of Norway, you can enjoy city winter, winter along the Jæren beaches and mountain winter.