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Summer or winter - Frilager has almost everything! However, they do not have unlimited equipment, so you must book no later than two (2) days in advance. Prices are differentiated by the type of rental. Individuals and companies have to pay a little more than schools, associations and teams. It is therefore important to log in with the right user to ensure the right price. Ordering is only possible through Instructions for collection will be sent by e-mail from the address:

When you order items from the online shop, you can decide where you want to pick them up via a "pickup location/hentested". Frilager has pickup locations in all its partner municipalities: Stavanger, Sandnes, Hå, Randaberg, Sola, Time, Klepp and Gjesdal. Alternatively, you can have the equipment delivered to an address of your choice.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Owners: Vesterlen Speiderkrets, Stavanger turistforening and Ryfylke Friluftsråd.
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