When it comes to romantic nationalism, you can tick off most points on the list with a visit to Dirdalstraen Gardutsalg. You really find yourself in the middle of the mighty Norwegian nature, with towering, magical mountains on either side of the sensational Høgsfjord. Sit down for a nice, warm drink and a bite to eat. The farm sale itself has an eye-catching selection - we are talking quality for the money.

The farm outlet

Dirdal farm outlet has a lot of history in its walls. It was previously the premises of Dirdal Handelslag (a local grocery shop), which was established in 1908. The building itself, however, is probably more than 200 years old. The farm outlet is beautifully located by the fjord pier in Dirdal. Dirdal is located in the heart of the fjord Høgsfjorden, and it is an excellent place for those who like powerful nature experiences with spectacular views and sunsets. The building for the farm sale was first built in Lysebotn but was moved to Dirdal in the middle of the 19th century by the merchant Nerabø. There have thus been trading activities on the premises for almost 200 years, and today's owners Bente and Tore Hommeland are proud to carry on this tradition. The two took over Bente's family farm in 2020 and now continue to run the farm. On the farm, they have cattle, sheep and goats, and they are concerned with good animal welfare and sustainable production.

Shopping locally contributes to vibrant villages

When you visit the farm sale and shop in their shop, you get genuine, pure local goods of very high quality. All meat on their counters is local, either from their own farm or from the neighbouring farm. Shopping locally contributes to dynamic villages in Norway. It creates jobs and has several positive ripple effects for the villages. When you shop at Dirdalstraen Gardutsalg, you help to keep both the village, Dirdal, and the history of Dirdal alive.

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  • Dirdalsveien 63
  • 4335 Dirdal
930 41 010


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