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Archaeological finds show there were settlements in the Viking Era and throughout the Middle Ages. Until the 18th century, the sale and export of timber was of great importance. Mining became a prominent activity in the 19th century, and in the 20th century industrialization led to the development of today’s modern Sauda.

In our times, the most important industries are hydroelectric power production, metallurgical industries, and the production of lumber and glass.

Pleasant town centre

Even during the winter, the sidewalks of Sauda are free of ice, making shopping in the compact town centre a pleasant experience.

"Saudadagene", held on the last weekend of May, is a festive annual event that offers great deals and a wide range of activities, including a renowned bicycle race between Haugesund and Sauda that attracts some of the country’s best cyclists.

The historical Åbøbyen

The industrial residential area of Åbøbyen, with its Industrial Workers Museum in one of the homes, is well worth a visit and a guided tour. This well-preserved area was the largest of its kind in Europe when it was established for industrial workers, managers and staff who worked at smelting plant in Sauda. The oldest of the 120 houses were built in 1916.

Paradise all year

With its proximity to fjords and mountains, Sauda is a paradise for exciting activities all year round. During the winter, Sauda Ski Centre in Svandalen draws skiers from afar; the alpine center is situated just 15 minutes by car from the town centre.

The nearby mountains offer great hiking, fishing and hunting, and there is an excellent network of trails.

Saudahallen consists of an indoor swimming pool and outdoor swimming facilities. Regardless of the season, the water is a comfortable 32˚C.

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