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Norway's Scenic Routes offer exceptional scenic experiences, passing through some of the country's most magnificent landscapes. Along the way are viewpoints and picnic areas, designed to enhance the pleasure of travelers and to fit in with the surrounding scenery.

The Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke is an exciting encounter with the very best of Fjord Norway – with stunning fjords, a myriad of beautiful islands and islets, forests, heath lands and lush farmland, sheer cliffs, screes and boulder fields, and a cultural landscape that tells of Ryfylke's long history.

Preikestolen and Kjerag

Ryfylke's most famous attractions are Lysefjorden, Preikestolen and Kjerag. As you travel the scenic road you will discover picnic areas set in beautiful surroundings, and cultural monuments that are centuries or even thousands of years old.

Your journey starts at Oanes in the south, overlooking the mouth of Lysefjorden. Slightly further northeast, you can take a rewarding hike to the top of Preikestolen (a two-hour walk each way).

A little further north you can visit the popular recreation area Jørpelandsholmen islet at Jørpeland, explore the petroglyphs at Solbakk and stop at Årdal old church. In Hjelmeland you can taste award-winning apple cider, cheese and salmon. Skomakarnibbå rises high above the southern shore of Jøsenfjorden.

Salmon and architecture

On the south side you will find the fjordside village of Jelsa. With its old wooden houses and distinctive church, the village is well worth a detour.

Then you can pause at the picnic area overlooking Lovrafjorden, before you continue to Sand. In this village do visit Ryfylke Museum, and stop at the Salmon Studio at Sandsfossen falls to watch powerful salmon swim upstream to their spawning areas and cross the new Høsebrua bridge. Relax with a cup of coffee and savour the panorama from the café. 

During summer you can visit the museum farm Kolbeinstveit with activities for the entire family. Make a stop at Nesflaten where you can learn about hydro power and visit the design hotel Energihotellet.

Waterfall and zinc mines

On the north side of Sandsfjorden, just before you reach Saudasjøen, is Svandalsfossen falls. A series of stairs climb up close to the waterfall – you can really sense the force of the water! Near the town of Sauda you can visit the zinc mines at Allmannajuvet. New buildings opened at Allmannajuvet in 2016, designed by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. In Sauda town centre you can enjoy friendly shopping and visit Åbøbyen, also known as the American town.

Mountain pass

From Sauda and Allmannajuvet the journey continues to Røldal. The road over Saudafjellet, which takes you through a varied landscape and a 900-metre high mountain pass, was completed in 1960. The scenery is magnificent and parts of the road are quite narrow. So please take your time. Saudafjellet pass, on Rv. 520 is closed in the winter when the snow can pile up to six metres thick. During winter use the alternative route Sand–Røldal along Rv. 13. Along the way you can have a stop at the rest area by the Flesefossen waterfall.

To get to Ryfylke

You can reach the Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke by driving through Ryfast tunnel from Stavanger to Solbakk. From the north you can drive via Røldal. If you arrive from eastern or southern Norway, via Suleskar, we strongly advise you to drive Lysevegen (closed in the winter) to Lysebotn. Book a space well in advance on the popular Lysefjorden ferry to Forsand, next to Oanes.

This summer route is part of the Fjord Road from Sandnes in the south, through Hardanger and Vikafjellet, and northwards to Førde. The Fjord Road comprises two additional Norwegian Scenic Routes: Hardanger and Gaularfjell.

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It is not so much about the destination, it's about the journey. Norwegian Scenic Routes are selected roads that run through landscapes with unique natural qualities, along coasts and fjords, mountains and waterfalls.