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Svandalsfossen fall has a total fall of 180 m. If you park your car for a close-up view.

In 2006, the Norwegian Scenics Routes Project opened a footbridge and stairs to enhance your experience. The steep stairs ascend to the foot of the upper waterfall, which has a free fall of 40 metres – count on a moist reward for your efforts! You can also enjoy a great view out over the Saudafjord.

To reach the upper waterfall, you must climb 147 corten steel steps, 85 concrete steps, and 320 Sherpa steps. A total of 552 steps.

Another set of stairs descends to the fjord.

Since the rivers and streams here are not regulated by dams, the amount of water varies with precipitation levels. After heavy rainfall, Svandalsfossen may send its spray across the road.

Free entrance.

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  • 4200 Sauda
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Where is Svandalsfossen falls in Sauda?