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Skomakarnibbå (The Shoemaker's Crag) is the third large cliff in Ryfylke after Kjerag and Preikestolen.

This distinctive rock is located south of the Jøsenfjord and can be seen in profile as you drive along the Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke (Rv 13) between Vadla and Vindsvik.

The mountain range is named after an old legend.

How long is the hike to Skomakarnibbå?

The hike to Skomakarnibbå is around 12 kilometres round trip. It is a demanding hike. You should allow around 6 hours, without breaks, for the hike.

The hike requires proper footwear and good fitness.

You should not attempt to go out on Skomakarnibbå itself. It is dangerous!

How to get to Skomakarnibbå?

When you arrive in the centre of Hjelmeland, follow the signs to Hagalid. The hike starts from the paid car park about 200 metres from the farmyard.

When is the season for Skomakarnibbå?

The season for the Skomakarnibbå hike is from May to the end of October. NB! The trail is not suitable in winter as it can be very slippery on steep areas.

Tour description

The hike to Skomakarnibbå (741 masl) is a great hiking destination. The hike starts from the fee-paying car park 200 metres before the farmhouse at Hagalid. The trail runs through varied and beautiful scenery. The trail has a height difference of about 400 metres, with some steep sections. There is a damp marsh area before you reach Øksnafjellet and can enjoy the view.

On clear days, there is a fantastic view of mountains, fjords and islands to the west and north from the viewpoint on Øksnafjellet and at Skomakarnibbå.

It's dangerous to go out on Skomakarnibbå itself, but chances are you'll feel a thrill of excitement when you stand on the mountainside nearby. It hangs 741 metres above the Jøsenfjord.

Important info for the trip


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Level of difficulty:
  • Challenging (red)
  • 12km
Total ascent:
  • 400m
  • Mountain area
  • Path
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer

Where is Skomakarnibbå - hike in Hjelmeland?