The drive will be shorter and more enjoyable when children know what to look forward to. We have therefore put together a child-friendly travel route of short stages, fun experiences and attractions that are tailor-made for a memorable car holiday with children.

You can of course start wherever you like on the route, but we have decided to start in the south in Forsand and then work our way up through Ryfylke and west to Haugalandet.

Farm holiday and time travel in Forsand

Charming Gøysa Gard in Forsand comprises two farm buildings, two mini cabins and one apartment, and offers fantastic views across the Lysefjord and the surrounding mountains. The farm is the perfect base to experience the fjord or enjoy peaceful days in beautiful surroundings.

Landa prehistoric village is situated nearby, where archaeological findings point to 2,000 years of history from the Bronze Age and the Age of Migration. Haukali 33/3, where you can stay close to nature in an old croft and find out what life was like in 1850, is also nearby.

Excursion to Jørpelandsholmen

Jørpelandsholmen is a pleasant and easily accessible outdoor recreational area for the whole family. There is a 2.1-km walking trail around the island, which features a lean-to, spots where you can have a barbecue, playground equipment and a 12-hole frisbee golf course.

Walking among goblins and trolls

A walk through the mystical Eventyrskogen fairy tale forest in Årdal is an exciting experience for families with young children. You will meet goblins and trolls among the trees and see charming signs featuring different fairy tales. The walk covers around 1.5 km and is great entertainment for the whole family.

Stay with farm animals as your nearest neighbours

For those of you who dream about staying with sheep, a dog, cat and hens as your nearest neighbours, Fossane Gard in Hjelmeland makes for a unique experience. Move your family into a 100-year-old authentic farm house with great opportunities for fishing, going for a swim, boat and canoe, and an extensive network of walking trails on your doorstep.

The Salmon Studio in Suldal

Not all Norwegian salmon are farmed salmon, as children will find out at the Salmon Studio, by the salmon steps in Sandsfossen fall in Suldal

The lower part of the building is underwater, enabling visitors to see the fish swimming upstream over the steps. From July to September/October, you can, through two large windows, watch the salmon and the sea trout coming back to Suldalslågen river to spawn.

Gruvevandring i Allmannajuvet

Om sommeren kan dere være med på guidet omvisning i de nedlagte sinkgruvene i Allmannajuvet i Sauda. Dere blir utstyrt med hjelm og lykt, og går 600 meter inn i én av de gamle gruvene. Her er det mørkt, kaldt og rått, og dere får en smakebit på hvordan livet var inne i gruvene på slutten av 1800-tallet.

Fun outdoor and indoor swimming

Ryfylke is a fun place for everyone who enjoys water games and swimming.

Suldal Bad in Sand is the first water park on the drive. It has several pools, a diving platform, a climbing wall, a 65-metre slide that times how long you take, and, not least, an outdoor jacuzzi with a fantastic view.

Saudahallen water park is situated in Sauda and offers fun swimming with water slides, diving boards and climbing in both indoor and outdoor pools. Outside you can swim in a heated pool with a jacuzzi jet and massage nozzles for your neck and back.

To the top of the climbing park in Nedstrand

The climbing park Høyt og Lavt Nedstrand is a two-hour drive from Suldal (or an hour and a half if you take the ferry). The climbing park in Nedstrand has five courses, with a total of 78 elements of varying length and degree of difficulty, and Norway’s only 304-metre zipline with a view of the fjord. The courses are made out of wire cables and ropes that are built into the natural terrain. They enable you to take the children up among the treetops and see the world from a different angle.

It is also possible to spend the night in glamping tents, with a focus on comfort and unique experiences in nature. Himakånå rock formation is situated in the same area and is a great walk to do with slightly older children.

You can also visit the swimming pool complex at Tysværtunet.

The island community Røvær – a real summer paradise

There are several daily express boat services to idyllic Røvær from the centre of Haugesund. The trip takes 25 minutes. Don’t be fooled by the fact that there are only 35 permanent households on the island, there are lots of things to see and do!

People have been coming to Røvær for thousands of years, and in recent years, aquaculture has been established on the island. Røvær Aquaculture Centre is now one of its main attractions, where children and adults alike can learn about how Norway has become a world-leading producer of salmon. It’s particularly fun that the activity packages are made up of games, films, a visit to the aquariums and a trip out to the aquaculture facility. You can also buy tickets for a RIB boat trip to the aquaculture facility.

Afternoon swim in Haraldsvang

Back in Haugesund, the Haraldsvang nature area is well worth a visit. There are lovely walking trails around Skeisvannet lake, which has a diving platform, playground and nosy ducks. Haraldsvang is a very popular place for families with children of all ages.

Minigolf for adults and children alike

The trip continues from Haugesund across Karmsund bridge (and the sound previously called Nordvegen (the way to the north) from which Norway derives its name). The first stop on Karmøy is Minigolfen familiepark, Europe’s biggest and most modern minigolf course.

Play minigolf on three different courses, both indoors and outdoors. Children and adults can play against each other on courses with different themes.

In the old mines in Hauske, you can play mini golf and look for precious metal. If the weather is windy and wet, you can play indoors at Gården, where there are nine holes under cover in the barn.

Mediterranean vibe at Åkrasanden beach

The route concludes with a visit to Åkrasanden, Norway’s most beautiful beach. There are shallow parts for young children, and waves and a diving platform for older children. And gorgeous white sand everywhere. Have a sandcastle building competition, play football barefoot in the sand or enjoy a bite to eat listening to the waves lapping the shore.

Tip: You can also have a go at the treasure hunts in Skudeneshavn, Åkra, Visnes and Kopervik. Have a magical car holiday this summer!

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