On a winters day in 1865 a fisherman from Jæren discovered a very rich copper erts in Vigsnes. From 1865 to 1895 the farming area Vigsnes developed into Northern Europe's biggest copper mine, and produced 70 % of Norway's copper export. The mines were active from 1865 to 1972.  The Statue of Liberty in New York is built of copper fromthe Visnes Mines. A 5 meter tall copy of this statue is located in the beautiful and historic park Fransehagen. The park is named after Charles de France, the first director. Today you can visit Vigsnes Mining Museum. The exhibition is spread over several buildings.  Here you can get a perception of a very special society that was very modern for it's time. The Mining Museum consists of the museum itself, the old  Administration Building, The Melting Hut, The Gazebo and the two Workers Homes. Here you will experience 107 years of exciting history, through experienced guides, exhibition and approximately 2000 photos.

The Mining Area is surrounded by beautiful nature. The area also contains an interesting playground, zipline, skatepark and baskedtball field. And to go hiking in Fransehagen park and the Riding Paths is very nice.

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NOK 65


  • Visnesvegen 380
  • 4262 AVALDSNES
+ 47 406 35 816

Where is Visnes Mining Museum?