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The first king of Avaldsnes whose name is known to us is King Augvald, who gave his name to the place. The kings depended on their ships, and the harbour below the royal estate was often full of ships. One of King Augvald’s descendants was named King Half. At just 12 years of age, he gathered 60 warriors in a Viking ship and embarked on a Viking raid. It was not only kings who lived on the royal estate. It was also home to people who cultivated the land, tended to the animals, washed clothes and cooked food. For the people living on a royal estate, there was never any shortage of work. Craftsmen, poets, merchants and warriors also resided there.

Harald Fairhair is the most famous king to have a royal seat at Avaldsnes. You may have heard that he united Norway into one kingdom. Well, you can still meet Harald and his wife at Avaldsnes and if you’re lucky, they might even answer one of the clues on the treasure hunt map.

Avaldsnes is full of traces from the past. Go on a treasure hunt with the whole family while exploring the area’s exciting history. Start the Viking treasure hunt with Harald in the Window Hall at Nordvegen History Centre.

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