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Historic traces of the Iron Age

On Røvær, they have found traces of human settlement all the way back to the early Iron Age, but, in modern times, the island was settled in connection with the herring fisheries of the 19th century.

A living island community

Today, the people who live on Røvær make a living from fishing, aquaculture, agriculture and tourism, or from other industries by commuting to the mainland. Røvær has a population of just 80, which makes it even more impressive that the island has a school, kindergarten and grocery shop.

Experience Røvær

A visit to Røvær involves a lovely

boat trip that takes you through a narrow approach before you moor beside the grocery shop. You can do a day trip to Røvær, by taking the boat in the morning and spend the day exploring the island before enjoying a tasty meal at Sjøhuset and then taking the boat back to Haugesund. Or you can plan a longer stay and spend the night at Røvær Kulturhotell, and do more activities like visiting Røvær Aquaculture Centre or the museum in Hiltahuset.


To get more of the island experience visit Utsira as well! The ferry to Utsira departs from Garpaskjærskaien in Haugesund.

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Travel inspiration for Røvær

Find inspiration here to help you plan your visit to Røvær. We have gathered some articles together here written by people who know Røvær well.

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