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The bird watchers’ Utsira

Utsira is a 75-minute boat trip from the centre of Haugesund, west in the North Sea. Utsira is a favourite with birdwatchers for its rich birdlife, with more than 300 species of birds visiting the island during the migration season.

Norway’s smallest municipality

There is no village on Utsira, and the houses are spread across the island. The main thoroughfare is an axis between the two harbours in the north and south. Utsira has a permanent population of around 200, making it the smallest municipality in Norway in terms of population. Utsira lighthouse, which is a listed building and the lighthouse with the highest elevation in Norway, has a central location on the island. The lighthouse station originally comprised two lighthouses, known as a twin lighthouse, but only one is still in operation. The lighthouse keeper’s house and the buildings around the lighthouse are now rented out as accommodation.

Norway’s first female mayor

Sirabuen, as the people who live on Utsira call themselves are very proud of having Norway’s first female mayor: Aasa Helgesen (1926–1928).

Street art Utsira

Utsira has become a street art mecca in recent years. Well-known and unknown street artists from around the world have made their mark on sites dotted across the island, on buildings, silos, windmills and rock faces. Utsira has now become a popular destination for street art enthusiasts.

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Travel inspiration for Utsira

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