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Kayaking in Lysefjorden|© Nordic Paddling

Paddle in one of Norway's most beautiful fjordsHave you never tried kayaking before? That's okay! On a guided tour of the Lysefjord, you don't need any experience before sinking into your kayak. You'll glide at a leisurely pace through beautiful landscapes with high mountainsides and beautiful waterfalls. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see seals and sea eagles up close. For many, the highlight is when the iconic Preikestolen, where Tom Cruise performed incredible stunts in the film Mission Impossible 6, towers 604 metres above you. Lower your shoulders and enjoy the silence of the majestic fjord.

Flørli stairs|© Flørli 4444

Walk the world's longest wooden staircase

The powerhouse village of Flørli is a hidden gem in the middle of the Lysefjord. The old, white power station can still be seen on the quay and colourful houses are beautifully situated on the hillside. Hospitable Hessel Haker is the only permanent resident in the roadless village. He runs a café and offers various forms of accommodation. The world's longest wooden staircase, with 4,444 steps, follows the old pipe street 740 metres above the fjord. A must when you visit the village! Don't forget to turn round regularly, feel the craving in your stomach and enjoy the panoramic view of the fjord and mountains. Feel free to take a detour to the insta-friendly Kallaliklumpen on your return journey.

Kjerag|© Mathias Fredriksson

Cross Kjerag off your bucket list

If you take the boat all the way to the end of the fjord, you'll find another idyllic spot. Lysebotn has fewer than 10 permanent residents. In the summer, people come from all over the world to cross Kjeragbolten, the iconic rock wedged between two mountain walls, off their bucket list. If challenging hikes aren't your thing, there are plenty of other things to do. The 27 steep hairpin bends from Lysefjorden to Kjerag car park are an experience in themselves, whether you hire a bike or drive a car. You can go pole hunting, test out the frisbee golf course or just relax with an ice cream on the jetty. Covered in street art and all the colours of the rainbow, the DNT Lysefjorden Turisthytte is an attraction in itself.

Utsira|© Matt Coch

Hunting street art on a lighthouse holiday

Norway's least populous municipality, Utsira, is the place for those who love street art. The island with around 200 inhabitants is located in the west of the North Sea, 75 minutes by boat from Haugesund city centre. Grab your feet or hire a bike and go exploring. It's important to be vigilant here! Small and large works of art from known and unknown street artists from all over the world can be admired on everything from buildings to silos and mountains. It's not just rare artworks you can discover. In fact, during the migratory season there can be over 300 bird species on the island!

Lighthouse vacation on Utsira|© Karianne Klovning

Norway's highest lighthouse, Utsira Lighthouse, is clearly visible in the landscape. If you want to feel the power of the North Sea, you can spend the night in the lighthouse keeper's dwelling or the pink cabin Nyperosa, which, together with the blue Havsula, has become a popular Instagram motif.

Ryvarden Cultural Lighthouse Sveio|© Visit Haugesund

Feel the raw nature

Ryvarden Lighthouse is another place where you can experience raw nature in body and soul. This is where sea and sky meet, where the sea is rough and at times merciless. With nature close at hand, howling wind around the corner, lashing rain on the windscreen or sun from high above, you can enjoy peace, tranquillity and rugged nature in the lighthouse keeper's home. If we rewind to the middle of the 8th century, the Viking Floke Vilgerdson stood on the same spot and felt the same forces of nature. It's quite fascinating to think about! Today, you can visit the old buildings that have been revitalised with a Sunday café, art gallery and shop.

Skåpet in Forsand|© Odd Inge Worsøe

Accommodation in unspoilt nature

Still feeling adventurous and want to get off the beaten track? After a short and easy hike, you'll arrive at Skåpet, the first stop on the popular Lysefjorden Rundt. The architect-designed cabins belonging to the Stavanger Tourist Association are located in tranquil surroundings, surrounded by unspoilt and magnificent nature. The large windows bring nature into the small, self-catering cabins. If you want to get even closer to nature, you can relax in the sauna located right down by Soddatjørnet.

Villa Vilbrandsøy in Haugesund|© Haugesund Turistforening

Another unattended DNT cabin that stands out is Villa Vibrandsøy. Haugesund Tourist Association has refurbished the venerable villa from 1875. The cabin is located on beautiful Vibrandsøy, which consists of five islands, most of which are connected by footbridges. You take the same scheduled boat as to Røvær, but you can also paddle from Haugesund city centre. There are no roads here, just green and lush nature where you can relax and swim in sheltered coves and lagoons with shallow beaches. Perfect for exploring shore life, catching crabs, prawns and stingrays. So remote, yet so central. Simply urban outdoor life at its best!

Flor og Fjære in Ryfylke|© Flor & Fjære

Visit Norway's only palm island

Another unique island you simply MUST visit is Flor & Fjære on Sør-Hidle. Norway's only palm island, with its chalk-white sandy beach, palm trees, cacti, exotic plants and carp, lies in the middle of the rugged Ryfylke Basin. The tour starts with a fjord cruise from Stavanger, and when you step ashore on the small island you'll be welcomed by the hosts who will give you a tour of the park. The visit ends with a delicious dinner of local produce with a beautiful fjord view.

Sandvesanden, north of Skudeneshavn, is another gem. With its chalk-white beaches and turquoise sea, Karmøy's most beautiful beach is an eldorado for swimmers and surfers alike.

Salmon safari in Suldal|© Mo Laksegard

Swim with the salmon

Holidays are a golden time to try new activities! A salmon safari in Suldalslågen at Sand is a unique experience. You dress in a dry suit and diving mask, enter the popular salmon river and float down the popular salmon river, which is famous for salmon weighing over 20kg. Seeing wild salmon and sea trout up close in their natural habitat is an experience you'll never forget!

Fun activities near the river

SUP in Sandve|© Raw Ocean Lodge

Try SUP on Åkrafjorden

Åkrafjorden is best known for the powerful waterfall Langfoss, which falls like a beautiful bridal veil down the bare, steep rock face. But the fjord has much more to offer. Now it's time to test your balance! At Fjæra, in the centre of the fjord, you can rent SUP boards. Once you feel that both your legs are steady on the board, you can paddle out to a calm cove or headland where you can be completely on your own. Maybe you'll see a squirrel bouncing around or an eagle soaring above you! Savour the moment, and feel how the adrenaline rush turns into a resting pulse when you master something new.

Did you get hooked? Then try a guided city walk from the seaside along idyllic Skudeneshavn or paddle at a leisurely pace on Sandve while the sun disappears into the North Sea.

Accommodation by the fjord

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