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The fjord town of Haugesund

Haugesund has a population of just under 40,000. The town is nonetheless compact and has a strong urban vibe. It serves as regional centre for the surrounding area, which has a population of more than 100,000. Haugesund is situated off Smedasundet sound beside the North Sea to the west, and several populated islands lie close to the centre, such as Utsira and Røvær.

Haugesund, built on herring bones

Although Haugesund is mentioned in Snorre Sturlason's saga about Harald Fairhair, the first king of Norway, it was not until the 18th century and well into the 19th century that the town as we know it took shape. Like many of the towns in Western Norway, the town was built on the herring fisheries.

Norway’s maritime capital

If you visit Haugesund today, you’ll see that it still makes its living from the sea, and it is often referred to as the maritime capital of Norway. Norway’s only national monument, Haraldshaugen, erected in honour of Harald Fairhair, is in Haugesund. The town is also the proud host of the Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund and the Sildajazz jazz festival.

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Travel inspiration for Haugesund

Find inspiration here to help you plan your visit to Haugesund. Haugesund is the regional centre of Haugalandet and large parts of Sunnhordland and Ryfylke. We have gathered some articles together here written by people who know Haugesund well.

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