Formbar Glassverksted located in Haugesund is a combined workshop, studio and outlet. Formbar is run and owned by three glass artists: Julie Shirani Kausland from Bergen, Eirin Bjørsland Hansen from Elverum and Kirsten Vikingstad Storesund from Karmøy.

The studio offers Norwegian-produced design, handmade glass and art in glass. At Formbar you can experience glassblowing up close, some days they blow functional objects and other days they make more sculptural work! You are most welcome to visit their studio, and you find them located in the center of Haugesund 200 meters north of the town hall.

Curious about how it's done? Do you want to try glassblowing or visit Formbar outside their opening hours? Contact them by email for booking, prices and more information.

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  • Kirkegata 95
  • 5528 Haugesund
+47 483 95 797


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Where is Formbar Glassverksted in Haugesund?

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