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The Viking Planet has been developed to present the local Viking history in a fun and educational way. Recently the whole world has been fascinated by the Viking`s journey, with film adaptations from both Netflix and HBO in Hollywood. The Viking Planet concept, which includes the history of Haugalandet, is also spreading. «Homeland of the Viking Kings». Take part and join in on the journey with a visit to The Viking Planet Haugesund. The Viking Planet Haugesund also includes a range of Viking effects and local arts and crafts for sale in its shop. It Is guaranteed to be a unique experience.

Learn in new ways

The Viking Planet Haugesund is organized into 4 zones, with groups moving from one to the next approximately every 15 minutes. You will enter a universe with signs and descriptions of the Vikings history and discoveries right up to the present day.

  • Zone 1: Contains the film Nordveger, which takes you on a filmed journey through our Viking History.
  • Zone 2: Contains a timeline where digital touch technology takes you to major events and battles in Viking history.
  • Zone 3: Here you will find local content from the royal farm at Avaldsnes - with stories such as Harald Hairfair`s unification of Norway, who became Norway`s first king and had his royal court at Avaldsnes. There are also 3D presentations of various discoveries and excavations at Avaldsnes.
  • Zone 4: Here you can take your own Viking selfie with technology that equips you with various Viking effects. There are also 3D presentations of Viking ships and other equipment, and how they are built.

After a digital adventure trip in the Viking Age of approx. 60 minutes, the stay ends with a round in their shop with an extensive range of Viking effects and local craft products. The Viking Planet Haugesund is presented in several languages, including Norwegian, English, German, French, Spanish etc.

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NOK 250


  • Strandgata 130
  • 5527
  • Haugesund
+47 940 07 505


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Green certifications

The Viking Planet Haugesund has received certification for its environmental efforts from:
  • MiljøfyrtårnMiljøfyrtårn
Environmental certification of private and public enterprises, also tourism.

Where is The Viking Planet Haugesund?