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Architecture inspired by the whole world

Skudeneshavn is an old fishing village that grew into a sailing ship town during the successful herring fisheries of the 19th century. The old town, situated in and around Søragadå street, comprises well preserved buildings and warehouses from the mid-19th century. Shipping is still important to Skudeneshavn, and the town is home to a shipyard industry and shipping companies.

Listed old town

This part of Skudeneshavn was listed by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in 2018.

Experience Skudeneshavn

When you visit Skudeneshavn today, you will see a well preserved and maintained charming old town. The locals take pride in preserving the town’s lovely atmosphere. You can wander around the narrow, crooked streets and admire the beautiful architecture and meet friendly people. There are still signs of impulses from across the world that seafarers brought home after their travels during the Golden Age of Skudeneshavn. Skudeneshavn also has charming cafés, galleries and a museum that illustrates the history of the town.

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Travel inspiration for Skudeneshavn

Find inspiration here to help you plan your visit to Karmøy and Skudeneshavn. We have gathered some articles together here written by people who know Skudeneshavn well.

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