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A fascination with the sea

Together with three other founders, Jan Thomas Rantaniitty owns and runs a wild an invigorating place to stay overnight at the edge of the ocean. Skaarnesheimen Raw Ocean Lodge is situated at Sandve at the southern end of Karmøy. Whether you stay in a cabin or your own private dome, you are guaranteed to wake to the sound of lapping waves and the fresh sea air.

‘The ocean has always fascinated me, its energy in constant motion, in continual flux, changing from minute to minute, hour to hour. Using the sea is definitely the best way to experience nature!’

© Fjord Norge AS

The sea as a playground

‘The sea fills me with energy and joy. It makes me feel at peace. Whether it's spending an afternoon paddleboarding in calm waters, wandering along the coast, going fishing, or spending a stormy day doing what I’m most passionate about – surfing. I also work as a marketing director at a technology company. Being able leave my desk to spend time in the bracing sea air and saltwater gives me balance in life. The ocean brings peace and tranquillity, removes all distractions, and lets you get close to the real elements of nature.’

The founders of Skaarnesheimen Raw Ocean Lodge have created a place where people can feel at home. There should be a balance to our busy lives, a place where you can find peace and get close to nature.

‘I truly believe there is a strong connection between mankind and the ocean. We need a place like this in order to cope with the fast pace of society. We want our guests to take a break from their hectic lives and find peace out here at the edge of the ocean. If we manage to do that then we’ve achieved our goal!’

Sandvesanden|© Visit Haugesund

Karmøy – a sea of adventures

It's not just at Raw Ocean Lodge that the ocean is such an essential element. You will find a whole range of experiences on this elongated island, and many of them have one thing in common – the sea! Karmøy is situated between Stavanger in the south and Bergen in the north and the closest town is Haugesund. The island offers experiences for visitors who are interested in culture, local food and wild nature.

Not far from Raw Ocean Lodge you will find the old sailing ship town of Skudeneshavn, a charming little town on the southern tip of Karmøy. Strolling around Skudeneshavn and soaking up its unique atmosphere is quite an experience in itself. There are cafés, restaurants and excellent places to stay such as Havn Hotell and Gamlekaien. If you want to learn more about the town's history, visit Skudeneshavn Museum Mælandsgården, which is open during the summer months.

Charming Skudeneshavn.|© Fjord Norge AS

If you travel in the opposite direction, towards Haugesund, you will reach Sandhåland, home to the Panoramahyttene cabins. An overnight stay in one of the Panoramahyttene cabins promises an unforgettable experience. It offers the chance to experience the coastal landscape at close range – the endless skies and vast horizon, and the ever-changing weather and light. The experience changes with the weather: from stormy days with waves crashing against the rocky coastline, to calm days when the setting sun perfectly reflects on the tranquil ocean.

Birthplace of Norway

Karmøy also has a great deal to offer for those interested in culture and history. At Avaldsnes, about a 30-minute drive from Raw Ocean Lodge, you'll find Norway's oldest royal seat. This is where the Viking kings watched over the ships passing through Karmsundet strait. The strait is also known as Nordvegen - the north way - and is where Norway gets its name! Avaldsnes is home to Nordvegen History Centre and the Viking farm, where you can discover the fascinating history of the Vikings and experience what everyday life was like in the Viking Age.

How to get to Karmøy

Karmøy is part of the Haugesund region and is situated between Bergen and Stavanger. The region's airport, Haugesund Airport Karmøy, is a 35-minute drive from Raw Ocean Lodge. You can also travel by bus to Haugesund and then take a local bus to Karmøy. The Kystbussen bus service will quickly get you from Bergen or Stavanger to Karmøy, and the Haukeliekspressen bus service from Oslo is an excellent travel option. You can find a more comprehensive overview of how to get to the Haugesund region here.

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