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At the Museum you get a look on how the city grew and how a well-off family lived in the town around 150 years ago. You also get to see old handicrafts which characterized the old city. Fishing, herring salting, trading and shipping is what has dominated Skudeneshavn for more than 200 years.

The museum is situated in several state protected buildings which are intact from when it was build. You will also see a great model of how Skudeneshavn looked in 1918.

At the museum you will walk through an old general store from 1843, with the original shelving and counter just as they were when it was made. In the oldest part of the housing, which is from 1818, you can walk through old living rooms, bedrooms and the maid's room. The museum also has two old Seahouses where you will find several wooden boats and an agricultural exhibition.

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  • Holmen 16
  • 4280 Skudeneshavn
+ 47 900 51 039


Guide available:
  • Summer

Where is Skudeneshavn Museum, Mælandsgården?

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