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Surfing at Karmøy

At Sandve in Karmøy municipality you will find Sandvesanden beach, which is not quite as well known as Åkrasanden beach but each beach has its own unique charm. While Åkrasanden beach is more a playground for windsurfers, Sandvesanden beach is the place to go for surfing. For surfing lessons or to rent surfboards at Sandve, contact Skaarnesheimen Raw Ocean Lodge, which also offers accommodation. There is abundant flowering flora at Sandvesanden beach that is unique to the area.

Blue flag

Sandvesanden beach is one of the few Norwegian beaches that has the environmental blue flag status. The beach has a lovely footpath leading to Sandve Harbour, and it’s also possible to climb or walk around the mountain south of the beach to visit the neighbouring Mjølhussand beach.


In the summer town of Skudeneshavn, five kilometres south of Sandve, you will find comfortable accommodation in the old town, as well as Skudeneshavn Museum Mælandsgården and the town’s very own brewery, Skudenes Bryggeri. For fine dining it’s well worth visiting Smiå Bistro.

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